Gobble, Gobble

As the leaves start changing colour, winds start getting colder, and school starts getting busier, there comes a day where everything falls away in order to celebrate the most amazing things offered by Mother Earth. That’s right. It’s Thanksgiving.

It’s one of the best times of the year, second only to Christmas itself. Thanksgiving is a day off of school, a day full of food, and a day best spent with family.  We all know the story of Thanksgiving. It was when the Pilgrims landed and the Indians offered them a great feast and –

That’s the American Thanksgiving story! So what’s Canada’s?

Turns out, Canada’s Thanksgiving was started by an explorer named Martin Frobisher. He landed in Newfoundland and wanted to give thanks for his safe arrival. This happened in 1578 – 42 years before the Pilgrims landed in America.


As it turns out, the date for Canada’s Thanksgiving has changed many times over the centuries, and it officially became a holiday in 1857. In 1957, the date was solidified as the second Monday of October.

Which leads us to this weekend. I hope everyone enjoys their long-weekend, have a safe journey if you’re commuting back home, spent some quality time with the family, and just remember, as Oscar Wilde said, “After a good dinner, one can forgive almost anybody, even one’s own relations.”

P.S. Here’s a few more turkey GIFs


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