Leave the Kit Kat, take the break

Or have the Kit Kat too. Who am I to judge? Eat all the chocolate you want! Anyway, my point wasn’t on the candy – despite my sweet tooth’s attempts to deter me – it was on the break.

As university students, the list of things to do is never ending. If you’ve just handed in an assignment, don’t you worry, there’s another coming up. Just wrote a midterm? Great, now you can get started on studying for that other test. Not to mention, readings and practice problems and so on. Life seems to move at such a pace that you can’t keep up. Don’t worry, we all feel like that. And so, I can’t stress enough the importance of just taking a break.

Now, when I say “take a break”, I don’t mean your Facebook break while you’re supposed to be writing your essay. What i do mean is scheduling a block of time  – it can be a couple of hours, a day, or an evening – where you put aside all of your school work and just breathe. Do something you want to do – catch up on your shows, read a book, go out with some friends, take that much needed long nap, or bake something. It doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as it isn’t schoolwork!! And we all know we don’t need much encouraging to ditch our schoolwork.

If you want to combine two of the things mentioned today – candy and a break – guess tonight is your lucky night. Have a wonderful Halloween guys, filled with lots of candy and laughter. Stay safe and be reminded by Erin Morgenstern as to why we all love Halloween:

“It’s said that All Hallows’ Eve is one of the nights when the veil between the worlds is thin – and whether you believe in such things or not, those roaming spirits probably believe in you, or at least acknowledge your existence, considering that it used to be their own. Even the air feels different on Halloween, autumn-crisp and bright.”


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