10 Things I Hate About You…and you….and you too.

I’ll start this blog off with an apology. This is a rage blog. This is a make-you-want-to-pull-your-hair-out-blog. This is a list of everything that drives me up and down a wall (so angry it’s not even in one direction, they gotta drive me down too). And so I apologize for that. BUT I am hoping you agree on some of these things and don’t think I’m unjustified for being annoyed (infuriated) by them.

1. The person who sits beside you on the bus despite the THOUSANDS OF EMPTY SEATS AROUND YOU

Really? Don’t be this person.  Never be this person. EVERYBODY HATES THIS PERSON. On the bus, people like to be left alone. You can usually tell because they have an impassive face on, earphones in, book in hand, or even asleep because let’s face it we’re all exhausted on the 8am bus. The best way to make someone uncomfortable is to sit right beside them when there’s CLEARLY an empty seat across the aisle. Let’s try to avoid the personal space obstruction on the bus if we can, mkay folks? Thank you very much.

2. Messing up my coffee order. 

Hi there barista at Second Cup. Recognize me? Yes, I’m the one you see every morning who orders the same exact thing every single day. How does one screw up a Caramel Corretto? It’s one of your basic lattes!  I’m not even one of those people that gets really mad if my coffee isn’t at 140 degrees, and I don’t ask for anything special like those super-complex orders on TV. I just order a simple latte. You might ask how the barista screwed it up and I’ll tell you – SHE FORGOT THE COFFEE. She forgot the coffee in a latte. I don’t even know what to say to this. Just UGH.

3. My show won’t load properly. 

This is especially infuriating when I’m forced to go back to working on homework. I just want to procrastinate for crying out loud! Why, oh, why won’t you let me dear Wifi? Why do bad things happen to good people?

4. Loud people talking in lectures.

This one I’m sure every single one of you understands. It’s that simple concept of “Why are you showing up if all you want to do is argue about NFL stats with your buddy?” Leave the learning area for people who actually want to learn and actually value the purpose of a lecture. In case you’ve forgotten, the purpose of the lecture is not to TALK but to LISTEN to the professor who probably has something important to say…not that you’d know because you’re too busy talking about how the Bears suck.

5. Indecisive people in a long line-up at Tim Hortons. 

Let me set the scene for you. It’s almost 9am and your stomach is grumbling. All you can think about is that delicious, warm bagel you’re about to have in your hands. You look at the time. Ten minutes before class starts. No big deal, with the classroom five minutes away, you’re sure you’ll be able to slide in just in time. A few minutes pass, yet the line doesn’t move. You look past the really tall guy in front of you and behold – it’s someone staring at the menu as if it’s written in Latin. Really? Really? You’re at the front of the line. At Tim Hortons. And you don’t know what to order? It’s really not that hard. They have like three good things; coffee, bagel, donut. Wait, their hot chocolate is pretty darn good too. Okay. Make that four good things. EITHER WAY IT’S NOT LIKE THERE’S TEN BILLION DELICIOUS ITEMS AND IT’S KILLING YOU TO CHOSE. The line is already long enough. Please be considerate and practice your order in your head like the rest of us.

6. Commuting when you have 4 hour breaks between classes. 

Those four hours would be perfect nap times if I didn’t live 45 minutes away. Instead I have to take up a whole table and blow my money on lattes in an attempt not to pass out while doing Psychology notes.

7. Coffee prices. 

If paying $5 for a medium latte doesn’t make you mad, you’re either a Kardashian or you’re so tired, you’ve become apathetic. I understand either way.

8. Street harassment. 

Do I even have to explain this one?

9. People who don’t show up to class and ask for notes the night before a test. 

No. Go away. You’re a big kid now, make your own notes. I’m already stressed as it is.

10. Speaking with Rogers/Bell.

This one is the motherload folks. This is the one thing that never fails to increase my blood pressure. I can’t handle talking to customer service, being transferred to ten billion departments, none of which can tell me why my internet isn’t working or why I’m paying an extra ten dollars this month. Honestly, I feel bad for the people who have to deal with my rage. I’m sure it’s not their fault they’ve been told to say certain lines that are just so infuriating when you’re already stressed and you have an online quiz due in 4 hours and the wifi isn’t working and you’re on hold and just

Well. That was all. I, for one, am beyond relieved to get that off my chest. Hopefully I didn’t spike up your blood pressure while reading this so it matched mine while writing it, but if I did, here’s a cupcake, on me:

Although things get really frustrating at times and all you want to do is scream, it’s important to remember the good things in life. Like Twix.

As Rick Mercer said, when discussing why people don’t really know about the parliamentary system and establishing that #10 is a Canadian thing,  “We’re all very busy people. We have lives to lead, families to raise…and we’re on hold with Rogers.”

Have a nice week folks.

P.S. Countdown to Christmas: As of November 12th – 42 days


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