I Hate Winter

Sorry Elsa, but you would not be welcome in my house. There is a very short list of things I hate (only ten!) but if I was to add an eleventh, winter would be it.

I hate wearing so many layers that I have to waddle. I hate still being cold while wearing all those layers. I hate walking into a room with tear-filled eyes, reddened face, and runny nose. But most of all, I hate getting sick.

On Wednesday, as some of you may know, us commuters got stuck on campus as Dundas basically shut down and busses either showed up two hours late or just didn’t show up at all. While standing outside the bus stop, freezing, I stewed about how much I hate winter. I thought about this amazing ability that people seem to have when it snows – they all forget how to drive. There was about an inch of snow on Wednesday, yet there were countless accidents. Granted most of us didn’t have our winter tires on, but the extent of traffic on Dundas due to accidents was just ridiculous. Anyway as I was standing there, I felt the first sneeze coming along. And then the second. And then the third.

Soon, the coughing began and the sore throat. All signs point to me being sick.

I feel you Emily and I’m not even wearing Valentino. Winter hasn’t even truly started and I’m sick. At the worst time too, my busiest week is ahead. Having a cold is just adding to my stress and misery.

As Anonymous said, “Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it.” You can say that again.

P.S. Countdown to Christmas as of November 21st: 33 days 


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