Baby, it’s cold outside

Like really cold. So cold, UTM did something people told me they never did – they called a snow day.

(actual gif of actual deer on our campus)

While the deer may have been crying because every day is a snow day for them in the winter and that must suck, I was laughing because my version of a snow day is so much better than theirs.

Something great happens when there’s a threat of a snow day – students of all ages band together the night before, hoping and begging and praying that enough snow falls and that the school board is kind enough to close down the buildings. It is the only time anybody will wake up at 6 am willingly, all to check the news for that fateful “______ is closed due to extreme weather conditions” headline. Or in our case, that UAlert text or email.

Let me tell you something folks – you do not know happiness until you shut off your 6:30am alarm and roll back up into a burrito of warmth and blessed dreams.


So when I woke up eventually, at the golden hour of noon, I faced the daunting challenge of figuring out what to do with my snow day. I had to make the best of it, obviously, who knows when the next time this will happen comes around again? The possibilities were endless.

I could watch a winter movie on Netflix, armed with a cup of hot chocolate. Or maybe a cup of hot tea. Or maybe a caramel latte.

I could go outside with my sister, who was also home due to her school being closed, and have a snowball fight. Last time we did that, she wiped the floor with me. There’s a great family video of her cornering me behind the garage, angrily throwing snowballs. It is due time for revenge.

I could forgo the revenge, be the bigger person, and build a snowman with her. Maybe then she would stop acting like Ana with the constant cries of

(I hate Frozen.) (No, seriously. I really really hate Frozen.)

I could call a friend over, see if they love me enough to trek it to my house. We could watch Netflix armed with cups of hot chocolate. Or tea. Or caramel lattes.

Okay, I’ve run out of ideas, so the possibilities aren’t endless. But the point remains – I could do so many awesome things with the day off. So, you may be wondering, what did I end up doing?

Psychology notes.

Although I had the entire weekend, including the whole day of Friday, I managed to waste it on Premier League games, random naps, One Tree Hill, and random websites on the Internet – I’m looking at you Buzzfeed. I’m ashamed to say I procrastinated to the point I couldn’t even enjoy the snow day because I was too busy doing the work that was already supposed to be done. This is it folks, I’ve hit a new low.

It’s times like this, when I’m ruing missed chances and missed opportunities, where the wise words of Abraham Lincoln comfort me  – “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”

Come on Canada, I know you have another snow storm in you. I swear I’ll use it properly this time. (For revenge.)


One comment

  1. booksliverpool · February 12, 2015

    i wish i had a sister


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