Dear High School Me

Last week, Karissa wrote this awesome post and I loved it so much, I decided to steal her idea and write my own version. You should all go check hers out if you haven’t already. Anyway, here it goes:

Dear High School Me,

All those post-it notes you bought? They’re totally going to waste because you bought this dry-erase calendar where you write everything you need to know and – I swear I’m not being dramatic when I say this – it’s the best thing to happen to you. Can we get an amen for organization?

I know you have super amazing plans for university, with all of the fun times you’ll have and all the memorable nights with all these new friends, but those dreams die the second you decide it’s a good idea to take six demanding courses in a semester. I’m still so furious with you.

You’re gonna do a great job with the second semester though – Fridays off warrant the highest of fives. But, because I went through first semester, you get nothing but a slight nod in your direction.

Anyway, I know you’re nervous about applying to university and worrying about scholarships and all of that, and I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you shouldn’t have worried. In fact, the one thing I don’t regret about my high school career is my constant worrying. While it feels silly now, it didn’t then, and I can’t fault you that. I’d actually argue that I’ve been a little bit more prepared for university because I’ve figured out how to cope with stress. That’s not to say I’m not still learning – it goes without saying university is a completely new challenge and that I need new skills to work through it – but at least I have a foundation.

This is the part where I give you some advice on things like exams (not that you’d need it, you rocked them for the first – and probably only – time ever) and prom and graduating. First of all, first period spares every day? Enjoy sleeping in, you’ll only do it twice a week as soon as university starts. Second of all, take more naps after school. You won’t get another chance to do that. Not without feeling crippling guilt every time you set that alarm for a 24 minute nap. And a 24 minute nap isn’t even the weirdest nap time you’ll give yourself. The food at prom sucks, don’t jump out of the limo in heels, and definitely don’t do it twice. I think that covers the advice portion.

The most important thing I’d say to my high school self is to cherish seeing your best friends every day. Some of them will move away and you won’t see them again for a period of time that feels like eternity, so hug them a little bit harder. Some will still be close, but life is busy and time goes quickly, so enjoy those stolen moments on those strolls around the school when you’re supposed to be in the washroom. I promise you, you’ll think back on those times when you’re down in the dumps and you’ll smile and it’ll be the most bittersweet moment.

I’m dangerously close to being too cheesy, so I’ll end it with the line I wish I put as my yearbook quote:

Goodbye everyone. I’ll remember you all in therapy. – Plankton


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